Monday, October 13, 2008

Almost a monthly recap :D

Two weeks ago, we were invited over to partake at the Serranos fish taco night. Abel & Doug caught some delicious red snapper, brown rock fish, ling cod and bass fillets and made Ensenada style fish tacos with all of the fixings. It was so yummy, that I'm salivating as I write. I also got back to knitting and presented Carolina with a plush pink beanie.....apparently she's outgrown her other hats so it was greatly appreciated! And I've been commissioned to knit some more :D

We also did Sunday Brunch with (Kat/Danny, Trina/Chris) in Brea's Cheesecake Factory. If you get a chance to go -- you need to try (definitely share it) ..........
Dusted with Powdered Sugar and Served with Strawberry Preserves and Potatoes
Breakfast Style: Crunchy French Toast, Bacon, Grilled Ham, Scrambled Eggs and Melted Swiss Cheese

Let's just say it was an indulgence, there's nothing healthy about it but it's tasty! And I'm all about enjoying your food. Thankful Chris ordered it and that's how I got to try it. DELISH. I stuck with a Kobe beef burger, that was good too.

The following night, we had the opportunity to spend some quality time with our friends (Marisa/Tito, Ivan, Jorge/Mel, Oscar/Eileen + Diego). The Cerna's were in town visiting and showing Diego the sights at Disneyland, so it worked out. Diego's gotten so big. I forgot his beanie at home so it's in the mail :D

We just got back from NSHMBA's National Conference held in Atlanta. We were there 5 days- the time change almost killed me. It's not so good waking up at 6am EST - really being 3am PST for 5 days. It was taxing and tiresome but we made some really good connections, it was nice to see good friends, and pick up lots of free swag. You see - the national conf. has a career expo (this year over 300 companies/schools presented). To attract potential talent to their companies, they tend to bring all kinds of things - I stocked up on ..... over the counter meds/consumer products (aspirin, alka seltzer, vitamins, m&m's, granola bars, fruit roll-ups, chips, etc.) and others were giving away reusable bags, pens, notepads, other office supplies, etc. I had to restrain myself since I had limited space in my luggage, Carlos on the other hand went a little hog wild. Luckily - the extra bags were used as emergency carry-on. The person checking us in - allowed us to empty out suit cases before he checked them in otherwise we'd be paying $90 charge per bag (that's Delta's policy)

We got to see some sights: Coca-Cola Museum, Aquarium, CNN Headquarters (tallest free-standing escalator .... takes almost 3 minutes to get up .... a little freaky), Sundial at the Westin (bar on the 72 floor....made my heart skip a beat but I got up there okay), Paschal's - Southern Cuisine Restaurant (Delish, apparently MLK use to eat there), and some bars. Overall it was a great time, I would go back!

Will post pictures shortly!