Thursday, May 28, 2009

I've been lazy

Okay, maybe lazy isn't the right word - I've been unmotivated to write in my blog. I have lots to say, just haven't found the time to write about it.

Here's a recap (pictures as always to follow)
After our 1/2 marathon - I decided to continue with my running regime. I've been running Tues/Thurs/Friday and some Sundays averaging 3.5-6 miles. I do want to maintain my endurance by adding mileage but it's tough. Weekends are the only time that I can really run for more than an hour since I've been training for my upcoming Duathlon at Disney.

Up coming races include: Iron Girl Del Mar (10K) have a couple of friends doing the (5K). I'm so much better prepared for this race compared to last year - so I'm not too worried. I have the Duathlon the week after (they say the course is primarily "flat" but I've heard that before)

It's a run (1.5 miles) bike (10 miles) run (2 miles) and for the costly admission you get to spend the day in the park. I will definitely need a change of clothes and baby wipes to get rid of the funk! I'm doing this one with Priscilla - she's more of a cyclist and I'm more of a runner so I'm hoping we leverage our strengths with one another!

After that, I'm dormant on the races - but I would like to sign up for another 1/2 marathon later this year so I will try to keep up with the mileage (at least 9-10 miles on weekend runs).

I've made the decision to save my pennies and start running on my own, luckily some of the my running mates are the same mindset so I'll have company. I'm also trying to get non-runners on board, so I'll keep you posted on their progress. Kat joined Carlos (+ the dogs) and I on a quick run last friday -she's more of a gym rat and didn't think she could run outdoors. We did awesome time at a moderate pace and she was floored that she could keep up. Most of the time, when we start running we forget to pace ourselves and move too fast so it's easier to give up when we're tired. I've also found that it's MENTAL, it's easy to talk ourselves out of accomplishing out goals!

Gardening & Crafting:
My garden is coming together, Carlos put together an above ground sprinkler system so I no longer have to manually water - it's WONDERFUL. I'm seeing some tomatoes and chiles, I can't wait for the squash and I'm trying to grow melons & watermelons. We'll see how that goes!

I'm seriously considering selling my crafty creations. In this economy, you just never know. I would love to do the tamales but they're time consuming and I really need to do more taste testing of potential flavors before I start advertising. I also need to figure out pricing and all that other good stuff. So I'm looking within myself to figure out what I do best and see if there's a population interested in purchasing. So it's a lot of soul searching and organization - I think that's the hardest part! I'll keep you all posted when I come up with something.

During this past month: we visited the Huntington Library for Mother's day, got to go camping up in Palomar, installed sprinklers in our front yard, hung out by the beach at least 3 times (which is a record for us even though we only live 8 miles away). I took some pictures so I hope to post all of it by the weekend. Patience D:

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