Monday, April 20, 2009

Let's get physical, physical ......

I'm still doing my running camp. It's now a Tues/Thurs/Fri., affair - still at 5:30am. I've become a better runner, I've learned to pace myself and feel like I've come a long way. I've also lost some weight thanks to all this activity and my newly adopted eating habits. Before I was moving but I felt like I had a ton of bricks on my back and midsection, as the weight comes off I do feel faster. And my body is more use to it!

This time around, our coach is focusing on hill training, intervals, and fartleks. My friday run with the girls without the coach are easy runs and the last two weeks I've been able to add some mileage.

May 3rd - Carlos is running the PCRF (pediatric cancer research foundation) Cinco de Mayo 1/2 Marathon with me. It's the first 1/2 I plan to run the whole way - so I need to beef up my mileage. We're only a couple of weeks away and I doubt I'll be in tip top shape but I'm determined to finish it under my 3 hour walking time. Since my expectations are low - I'm sure I'll be exceeding my goal.

June 7th - I'm running the Iron Girl in Del Mar 10k. I did a walk/run at the 5k last year and finished in good time. I know it's going to be HOT but I figured I have 90 minutes to finish the race. That should be plenty of time - even if I walk. I like this race not only because it's a women's only competition but you get a sweet medal, technical t-shirt, and breakfast :D

The following week - June 14th - I'm going to disneyland!!!! I just signed up to do Trek's all women Dualthlon (run 1.5 miles, bike 10 miles, run 2 miles). It's an inaugural event capped at 2,000 participants. Being it's my first duathlon, I do have some reservations but I've started training. I have 8 weeks to get my butt use to my bike seat again.....the running is a piece of cake :D

Cooking & Eating

I've been busy in the kitchen experimenting. I've never been a big meat eater. I eat chicken and fish primarily, hardly ever eat red meat unless it's a special occasion. But I've never been one to crave it. I remember when I was in high school my sister was vegetarian. It worked for the most part, since we weren't a meat and potatoes type of family. I guess that's where I was first introduced to it.

With all this talk of eating organically and conscious eating, etc.... I've started to venture out into alternative cuisines. Gillian McKeith's Book - You are what you eat (also has a show on BBC America) is so insightful. Don't get me wrong, I am in no way becoming a vegetarian - I love food to much. I'm just becoming a more informed eater. McKeith introduces parts of the macrobiotic diet but isn't so extreme.

Things I've started to do:
1. Grow veggies & herbs (introduce them at most of my meals)
2. Eat more veggies and fruit
3. Eat more non-animal proteins (nuts, legumes, lentils)
4. Eat more times a day - so I don't stuff myself at dinner
5. Shop organic (farmer's markets, local markets, etc.) stay away from processed food
6. Reduce sugar in-take or fried foods
7. Say no to refined processed flour (sticking with whole grains/wheat)
8. Trying new things (Mediterranean lentil salad, juicing, veggie salad)

Carlos hasn't complained, he's found some of the stuff surprisingly good :D

So far so good, I'm eating more and I don't feel stuffed. I benefit is that I have more energy and feel revitalized.


I'm back on the wagon when it comes to knitting....made a couple of scarfs, two beanies, and various other goodies. Knitting is very relaxing but after a while my wrists hurt - so I need to take it easy. Luckily, I've been pretty active and haven't encountered too much pain. I have some pretty cool ideas and I'm about to come up with my own stay tuned.

Some potential projects I'm contemplating:
couple of baby blankets
more beanies
more scarfs
**notice that my projects usually average a couple of hours...I know myself, if I tackle anything too big, it's hard for me to finish - I lose interest.

I'm also going to start sewing again. I have a couple of minor alterations to do for a friend but I would like to make a couple of aprons and a dog coat or two for my furry children!

'Tis the season to Garden!

The garden is coming into it's own .....I've had to weed, removed, replant, till, water a lot these last couple of weeks (in the back and front yard).

In order to plant new species you need to prepare the soil. If you've had preexisting plants in area, you have to dig them out and aerate the soil before you start your new crop. It's been moderately sunny up until this past weekend. We had record heat hit the south land. Many cities set new records but it was amazingly clear and blue. What can I say we're luck to be living in Southern California

Things I've planted for this season:
11 tomato varieties (including some heirloom tomatoes)
more jalapeno & serrano plants
crocked neck squash
spearmint [but I'm keeping this in a pot - very invasive (like rosemary)]
non-edibles: marigolds, false heather, spanish lavender to attract the bees
(Did I mention that last season I was pollinating my own squash plant!! Yes, every morning I would walk out and inspect the squash to see if any "female" flowers were open and I would assist the "male" flowers in pollination by removing the stamen of the "male" flower and introducing it to the "female" flower.... it was invitro fertilization for plants (without the petri dish). Anyhow - that's when I realized how valuable bees are - they do the dirty work so you don't have too. Got to love mother nature's humor.)

Plants I removed:
lettuce (romaine & bronze leaf)
chile plants out (the heat was too much for them)
cauliflower and broccoli too (season was over)

Still waiting for onions, purple cabbage, and baby we'll see when they're ready to harvest.

In the front yard - I added some lavender and roses. I had a black thumb when it came to roses until my mother-in-law provided me with some essential tips.

  • Roses love sun, keep them watered at all times.
  • When a bud blooms (and dies) remove it immediately. Count down 5 "branches/leaves" and angle cut it when you see a new buddling.
  • Fertilize with Bayer Rose and Plant food every 2 months (pellets)
  • If you see yellow, white, black spots on the leaves treat with Ortho's Rose Care insecticide.
  • Add new rose soil - (Whitney brand is what I use) every couple of months to keep them nourished.
So far so good I haven't killed one yet :D